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Policy Statement

This event is being organised by a local committee of musicians and jazz fans.

Our aim is to promote jazz on the Isle of Wight. Members of the committee will not receive any financial reward. Inspected accounts will be made available on request.

The committee will cover the cost of the main venues and headline acts. This will be funded by sponsorship, ticket sales and other fund-raising activities.

Any subsequent profits will go towards funding future events.

We will encourage other performances during the period. However, we will not act as agents. It will be the responsibility of the performers and venues to negotiate between themselves.

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Andrew McCormack

Andrew McCormackAndrew McCormack is a composer and pianist at the pinnacle of his creative powers. Since bursting on to the scene in 2007 with his debut album, Telescope, he has been the driving force behind A-list jazz artists Kyle Eastwood, Eric Alexander, Denys Baptiste and Jean Toussaint, as well as a host of home grown talent and has performed extensively around the world.

In his composition and performing abilities, he has been recognised by critics, musicians and the public--placing him comfortably and confidently on a worldwide stage.

Developing and honing a skillfully original approach to writing and performance in the jazz tradition, McCormack has captivated audiences with his emotional and expressive style--combined with a yearning, emotive aesthetic--which might be best described as quintessentially British. A three year stint living in New York City has added an even greater sense of swing, dynamic group interplay and a mesmeric live sound. The result is a world-class pianist and formidable composer, who has arguably earned a seat at the top of the jazz talent roster, anywhere on the globe..

"Andrew McCormack is an extraordinary British pianist and a great composer. ... amazing technique"

Watch Andrew McCormack play "First Light"

Andrew's Website


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